About Us

About Us

About Us:

American Tooth Industries, located in Oxnard, California is comprised of several product divisions including: Justi, Pozzi, Leone Implants, Major and Regal. Products include Synthetic Resin Teeth, Specialty Items, Orthodontic Products, Implants and a complete line of dental and laboratory products.

Our Mission Statement:

Our family of brands: Justi, Pozzi, Major, Leone and Regal carries an old motto of our company “Simple inventions last forever.”

Using the tools of their forebearers, the human eye and hand, our craftsmen carry on the American Tooth Industries’ tradition of excellence. We are delivering quality products at a fair market value and we shall continue to do so.

Since its inception in 1976 American Tooth Industries has adhered to GMP, FDA, ANSI and ADA for the maintenance of quality systems and the delivery of certified dental specialities. In addition we have been ISO Certified since 1998 and on July 5th, 2006 our certification body Med/Cert has re-certified American Tooth Industries recognizing that we meet the requirements for DIN EN ISO/13485:2003 and 93/42/EEC Annex II. Our hardened plastic teeth comply with ANSI/ADA Specification #15 published in 1999.