E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

American Tooth Industries Inc., a leading provider of hardened plastic teeth and dental specialties for laboratories has launched a new e-commerce website.

Visit the official American Tooth Industries Online Store. Find a complete catalog of Justi Products, Pozzi Dental Products, and more. Use the quick and easy shopping cart for all of your purchasing needs. Supplying Teeth and Fine Dental Products to the World.

American Tooth Industries, a leading provider of hardened plastic teeth, dental specialties for laboratories, operatory, and orthodontic products since 1971 has launched a new e-commerce web site. This electronic store features a selection of popular products from our general dental product catalog, Web Edition.

Products offered on this site will be shipped within 24 hours. Some of the featured specialty items are not yet available to U.S. dealers. This new tool, combined with American Tooth Industries ability to offer top quality products at market-leading prices, will allow the dental consumer to receive the best value for their purchase.

Please visit for more information or to order our products online.