Justi Tooth Lines

Justi Justi Tooth Lines

The Inventors of Hardened Plastic Teeth in September 1940, Justi introduced the first hardened plastic tooth line to the world at the ADA Convention in Cleveland. Since then many other manufacturers in the USA and other parts of the world have been manufacturing artificial resin teeth. For more than 55 years Justi has been a leader in this field.

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Triplex MSLV Teesth ]

Mold Charts

Instruction for Use and Care of Synthetic Resin Teeth (pdf file size: 78k)

Lingual Bladed Teeth Manual by Levin (pdf file size: 3MB)

Justi Denture Tooth Manual (pdf file size: 2MB)

ADA Specification #15 Test Results (pdf file size: 933k)