Dymon-Hue HPT

Dymon-Hue® HPT

Dymon-Hue HPTDYMON-HUE HPT teeth are manufactured with life-like aesthetics which are blended to be similar to those of natural teeth.

Dymon-Hue HPT (hardened plastic teeth) are made of high quality synthetic resin. They are wear resistant, cross-linked, vacuum processed, and have superior hardness.  The cross-linking system used is an interpenetrated, multi-layered, intersectional polymer network which is solvent and heat resistant.  The pigmented copolymer incorporates inorganic type pigments that are color stable and unaffected by light or heat.  That assures a 100% chemical bond to all methyl methacrylate denture base acrylics. No diatoric retention is necessary.

Dymon-Hue HPT teeth are available in 35 anterior molds, and 40 posterior molds including 0° Planatomical™ , 10° Symmetry™, 20° Semi Anatomical, and 33° Anatomical and Short-Bite.  They are also available in anatomical short bite molds that provide the technician additional space, eliminating tooth adjustments in many cases.

The Dymon-Hue HPT is another quality Justi product manufactured to surpass ANSI/ADA Specification #15 for synthetic resin teeth; it also complies with ISO # 22112:2005.

082-19973 Dymon-Hue HPT Anterior Card (1×6)
082-19974 Dymon-Hue HPT Posterior Card (1×8)
084-19986 Dymon-Hue Eterna Shade Guide 12 x 2 Double Faced
084-19980 Dymon-Hue HPT Anterior/Posterior Working Mold Guide
(one shade only – 34 Anterior Sets & 40 Posterior sets)
084-19975 Dymon-Hue HPT Economy Shade Guide with 12 shades
084-19973/4 Dymon-Hue HPT Combination (1×28)

Mold Charts and single tooth samples are available upon request.

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