Regal D-Blend

Regal D-Blend®

Multi-blended Hardened Plastic Teeth

Regal D-Blend®Regal D-Blend® is a beautifully crafted, highly cross-linked, multi-layered, vacuum processed, laminated plastic tooth. Its blending of tones between the centrals, laterals and cuspids along with its semi-translucent body creates a tooth with all of the characteristics of natural teeth. We are pleased to announce that Regal-D-Blend® anteriors are now available with fully articulating Justi Blend® posteriors. This means that you will now have the convenience of ordering from 27 upper anterior and 8 lower anterior molds as well as 18 upper and 18 lower posterior molds. In addition, the six available Regal-D-Blend® shades match the most popular Justi Blend®, Bioblend®*, Trublend®*, Vita®*, PortraitT* and Ivoclar Vivadent®* shades. Like all premium teeth from Justi, Regal-D-Blend® meets and exceeds ADA Specification #15 and is completely bondable to methyl-methacrylate denture base without diatoric retention.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to the “new” Regal-D-Blend® system, a truly outstanding premium quality tooth line that we are special offering now at an amazingly affordable price. Call us, for your closest local Justi tooth dealer, and request a new mold chart and special pricing information on Regal-D-Blend® from Justi®.

085-50-0901 Regal-D-Blend Anterior Teeth (1×6)
085-50-0903 Regal-D-Blend Maxillary Centrals Shade Guide in 6 shades.
085-50-0904 Regal-D-Blend Anterior Working Mold Guide Contains: one set of each mold – 35 anteriors, all one shade.

Justi Blend® Posterior Teeth item numbers and descriptions.

Mold Charts
 and single tooth samples are available upon request.