Triplex MSLV System

Triplex MSLV System

Justi, the inventor of multi-layered hardened plastic teeth, have developed a unique new system. The Triplex MSLV System features the natural looking characterization found in European crafted and manufactured anteriors combined with the full range of anatomical occlusion in the American designed and manufactured posteriors.

The combination of male (Super Lux V) and female (Major Dent V) anterior maxillary and mandibular tooth lines manufactured by Major in Italy with the Justi Triplex posteriors manufactured by Justi California results in the unique Triplex MSLV System. ADA accepted and NIOM certified this tooth line may be used with confidence and pride for any type of partials, implant dentures and personalized custom dentures.

The Triplex MSLV System is available in 46 upper and 21 lower anterior molds as well as 24 upper and lower posterior molds. The Triplex tooth line is produced in 12 Vita type shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C4 and D4.

085-01477/V Super Lux V (Male Molds) Anteriors (1×6)
085-01577 Major Dent V (Female Molds) Anteriors (1×6)
082-51-0101 Justi TriplexMSLV Posteriors (1×8)
084-01578/SMT Shade Guide for the Justi Triplex System – 12 Vita type shades
085-01478 Super Lux V Anterior Working Mold Guide* – 31 U&L w/Case
085-01578 Major Dent V Anterior Working Mold Guide* – 36 U&L w/out Case
082-51-0102 Triplex MSLV Posterior Working Mold Guide* – 24 U&L w/out Case
085-51-0104 Complete Triplex MSLV System Working Mold Guide w/Case

* Working Mold Guides are available in one shade only.
Mold Charts are available upon request.