A beautiful, natural-looking multi-layered hardened plastic tooth, ViForm was created for the professional who prefers Vita shades and Bioform molds. Superbly articulated with 0 degree, 10 degree, 20 degree and 33 degree posteriors. The teeth are mounted in a neutral blue background to improve molding selection and shade readability. Technical data (arch size, width and length of maxillary centrals, plus characteristics of shape) are printed on the front of each card. The twelve most popular Vita shades are utilized in the ViForm tooth line. Ten shades also match the Justi Eterna Shade System which is similar to the Dentsply Bioform shade range. This combination of popular shades and outstanding popular American molds make this hardened plastic tooth line unique in the U.S. and foreign markets.

ViForm is the most recent addition to the Justi tooth line and exceeds the ADA Specification #15 for hardened plastic teeth. It is crafted in our Oxnard, California facility and distributed in the United States by Fricke International. Outside the U.S., ViForm is sold to Exclusive Distributors by the Justi Export Department.

ViForm shade guides can be customized with an individual marketing message.

083-50-0100 ViForm Anterior teeth (1×6)
083-50-0101 ViForm Posterior teeth (1×8)
084-50-0125 ViForm Shade Guide (12 shades)
084-50-0110 VIForm Working Mold Guide
Contains: one set of each mold -
35 anterior and 24 posterior, all one shade

Mold Charts and single tooth samples are available for Justi Export customers upon request

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